Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Pink Panther record player or phonograph. Very rare

When I was a child, I lived in Ann Arbor MI a few years.  It was outside Detroit.  Detroit was bad then, it is worse now.  On my 8th birthday, my Mom brought home a stack of Motown 45s, an entire year's production I think.  There were like 50 of them.  The Jackson 5 were in the mix.  She also brought me a Pink Panther record player.
Here is the top of one of them....

this one was being sold on eBay.  it was only the top portion.  The bottom contained the record player and was shaped like his lower jaw.  I bid on this one, but I got out bid.  Bummer.  One of the reasons I am so bummed out was that this one was being sold about 100 miles from where I sold it in Tennessee years ago.  I have only seen two other mentions of him on the internet.  I think this one was mine.   Here is what Worthpoint says about him....
Up for auction is this extremely rare old vintage Pink Panther record player which was made by the Coliet Toy Co in Watervliet Michigan. I have never seen one of these before and t is no information on the internet anyw about this record player existing. I have taken many photos for you to view and to study and to show that it is still in good condition but does show some scuffing on the painted parts. It is made out of a type of indestructable soft plastic. I have tested the record player, and it is working. If you are a serious collector of rare Pink Panther items, I'm betting that you do not have this item! Very unusual piece. 

Another reason I believe this one could have been mine is the black nose.  My Pink Panther had a black nose, the other person on Worthpoint (and the travel channel posting) have red noses.  I wonder how many the company made?  It went out of business many years ago.  You can Google Earth the original Watervliet store, it looks like it was in a major fire.
I am not overly sentimental, I don't know why I was so desperate to get this, or why I was so depressed to lose.
I think it must have something to do with my sadnesss over my Dad dying in July.  I'm having a hard time with it.

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