Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Perfume, especially Narcisse Noir, and their bottles

I love perfume.  I have loved perfume since I was a child.  I've collected perfume bottles, both empty and full, for years.  I have found great perfume bottles in thrift stores.  Once, for $4, I found an unopened 1920s bottle of Narcisse Noir.  It was sealed with wax and ribbon.  I opened it, and used it.  It was so rich and luxurious.  I loved wearing it on dates, it was the perfect dancing perfume.  I also found partial bottles of perfume like Shalimar, Opium, Chanel Coco, Chanel 5, all kinds of Estee Lauder and Avon.

Here are some of the bottles I still own.......

 I have 4 of these, 2 white and 2 black.  I refill them with perfumed bath oil and body oil.
 This is my bottle of Narcisse Noir.  It was pristine when I bought it from Savers.  I used every drop.  Oh, the memories it sparks!
 I swiped this off the net.  The perfume was this dark.
 A vintage ad for Narcisse Noir.
 I saw this on the net, it just reminds me of Narcisse Noir.

My bottle is crystal.

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