Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Huge Barbie yard sale haul!!

The snow has finally melted and I was coming home from work very early in the morning two Saturdays ago. There was a yard sale being set up, and I stopped.  This is what I got, all for $120.

I love hair faire and mod Barbies.  The blonde and the brunette are gorgeous.  I've already put the blonde on a fully jointed body.  The next body I find will go to the brunette.
I also love bubblecuts.  She is nearly perfect with her earrings and pale pink lipstick!

 The prior owner had a thing for Ken.  There were half a dozen vintage Kens in the cases.  I love "emo" Kens!
 The mod Barbie on the very left is a sweet 16.  She is wearing a fur stole.  Hair Faire seems to  be complaining to brunette about Ken.
 Here are a few very early Kens.  The pin is a sterling USA pin with no engraving on the hanging plaque.  The Ken in the suit has all his fuzz on his head.  His pants have big holes in the thighs.  Homeless Ken?
The Ken in jammies is the first painted hair Ken.  He has all the extras that went with the pajama set including the clock and honey bun.

 The ponytail is a reproduction from the 90s.  The blonde on the end is a bubblecut with gold earrings and perfect face painting.  She has coral lipstick and nails.  They are being bothered by an early Ken in a shabby striped sweater.  Bubblecut is wearing a babydoll nightie.

 Here is duck hunter Ken.  I remember that he was also a retriever or lab owner. I doubt Mattel will ever put out hunting clothes for any of their Barbies!
   I have several of these outfits.  This one is missing the orange hat and a couple other things.

 Here is Twiggy with some gorgeous luggage.  There is the three piece set, but I forgot to pull out the
medium suitcase.  Twiggy was not a part of the lot.  I just wanted her picture with the luggage.  I love Twiggy.  I've had her since the 1980s.

 Here is one of the two cases.  This case is not in good condition.  There is a set of wigs and a few Barbie and Midge wig wearing heads without bodies.  There is a cute little dog, clothes and accessories.  Barbie's fishing set, nighties,straw hats, shoes etc were in the case..

 See how damaged the case is?
 This is the other case.  It is in pretty good condition.
 There are several gallon size plastic baggies filled with clothing.  There are labeled, nonlabeled, and homemade outfits.  Lots of accessories and hangers.

 There are a couple of Midges.
 I think she is gorgeous!  When I got her home, I realized she was wearing a wig!  Her hair has been totally sheared off!
 Her dress is gorgeous!  She is wearing a sexy lace teddi, bra, and panties.

 There were two Skippers, and a baby sister whose body wire no longer works.

 Here are Midge's wig collection.

 This is a reproduction doll.  Not worth anything, but she is pretty!  She is wearing two gold collars, one embroidered and one beaded.  I decided to name her Nadji after Chandu the Magician's Egyptian princess.
 Karen, the lady selling everything, sold me this doll for $10.  He is a Madame Alexander.
 Isn't he fabulous!  He even has little hooves.

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