Sunday, November 25, 2012

I love enid collins handbags

I love purses and I have a large collection of them.  Here are some of my Enid Collins purses.....
This is the Fabulous Equine.  It is missing a jewel, but I should be able to match it.

Enid Collins style kit....I will make it up when I get free time after Christmas.  Isn't it beautiful?  I need to buy cement glue because the glue in the kit is no good.  It is from 1976

 Here is another kit copy of Enid Collins.  I bought it still in its box but it was completely finished.  I threw the box away, it was all banged up!

It has a wooden bottom, just like Collins bags, but the trim and handles are of vinyl instead of leather.  They were sold in craft magazines, and places like LeeWards.

 This is my Owl and Pussy cat box purse.  I love to carry it !
 This is my fav summer bag.  It's a great bag. I get lots of comments on it.
I love owls, and this is one of several owl bags I own.  I carry it during the fall and winter.

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