Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You meet the most interesting persons on airplanes

Before the terrorist laws, I loved to fly.  I loved to dress up and take a window seat.  I loved watching the sky and clouds.  Only once have I been in a huge storm while flying.  That was so cool!  Of course, all the fun of flying ended with the humiliating personal searches and the low class of people working for the govt who harass the passangers.  So I quit flying.  The only flying I do now is ......
Whats that you say????  It is a complete (sorta) United Airlines plane.  When you open it up, you find a cockpit door, a pair of passenger seats, a galley and a wardrobe closet filled with furs and beautiful clothing. There is also a stewardess......
 This is the stewardess, Katrina.  Doesnt her vintage airline uniform look great?
Here she is getting drink orders from her customers, Petina and her neice Suzette.  Petina takes a martini and Suzette orders  a whiskey sour. They are flying to Las Vegas for a spot of gambling.
 This is Katrina's sweetheart, Raffles the cat burglar.  He works with Bunny Manders, but Bunny did not go on this trip with Raffles.
Isn't Raffles handsome?  He is a very successful burglar.
 Here is another passenger.  Her name is Miss Piggy and she is headed to Las Vegas to headline a new show.  She is waiting for her gin and tonic.
This is Raffle's niece Glamara.  She is too young to drink at 15 so she ordered orange juice

.Opps, looks like Vicki forgot her clothing and fell while trying to take off her Blackglama  mink coat.
I think it is because of too much champagne.
Another passenger just arrived.  Its Capt Kirk!  I'm surprised he got through the gates with that phasor on his hip!  It looks like Katrina is thinking the same thing.
The flight ends well and Katrina takes a moment to say goodbye to Raffles.  She has no idea that he is a cat burglar!

A note about the actors......
Katrina and Raffles are the heads from Walmart's big head cat bathtoys placed on fully jointed Barbie and Ken dolls.  They were both originally totally pink.  I painted the heads to give them character.  I cut off Raffle's long pink hair and painted it black.

Capt Kirk is a jointed Capt Kirk Mattel doll that has been fitted with a Beanie Baby skunk head.  I also painted his hands white.

Vicki is a mod Barbie head mounted on a fully jointed Barbie ballerina body.

Glamoura is a Madame Alexander French Kitty doll.

Miss Piggy is a "Fabulous Beast" doll from the 1980s.  At least I think she is!

Petina is a Petina the poodle doll.

Suzette is a Walmart big head poodle  bathtoy mounted on  jointed strung Debbie Drake body.  I painted the body white.  She needs to be restrung.

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