Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Crissy dolls

I was fiddling around in the basement and found a box of my Crissy dolls.  I didn't find the outfits, the ooak Crissy, or the smaller grow hair dolls.  The light burned out in the back basement.  So I didn't go any further.
Basements, especially ones around 100 years old, are spooky, cold, and damp.  There may be spiders.
Ewwww, thats just creepy.  Actually mine is heated but still it's spooky.
But here are three of the four Crissy dolls that I found.

 This is Crissy.  She is a Canadian model who has golden hair instead of red hair.  Ideal was purchased
in the 90s (I think) by CBS who destroyed all the Ideal toy records.  So there is now no way to know
if the golden hair was planned or the Canada co just had plenty of gold hair to use up.  There seems to be
a large quanity of golden haired Crissy.  They are only a bit more expensive than a red haired doll.
 This is Harmony.  She was a larger doll with ball jointed arms which looks so ungainly.  She only had a few
1970s outfits that nowadays look so bland and unattractive.  I bought her off eBay.  The lady had a damaged Harmony doll, so she put the head on a Crissy body.  Now she can wear all Crissy's mod outfits.
 This is my favorite, the black model of Crissy.  Isn't she gorgeous?
 She is wearing a negligee/pegnoir outfit that I have neer seen in the Crissy records.  It is very well made.
The apple green looks great on her.  She is wearing a Krementz jade cat with diamond chip eyes strung on a
gold filled chain.  I have had that necklace for years, and it is perfect with the green nighties Crissy is wearing.

 Here is Harmony and Crissy wearing some great outfits.  Harmony has such a pretty face.  Crissy is
gorgeous.  She looks a lot like my Mom.

I loved Krementz jewelry in the late 1970s.  I had the jade and diamond kitty, and I had an ivory elephant hanging on a gold filled chain.  Elephant ivory had been made illegal to export, so companies had to use up
their supplies and the prices were very reasonable.  My ivory elephant came in the pretty Krementz box, and cost $7.95.
Krementz was a family owned company in business for over 130 years.  It was sold out of the family in the late 90s.  They were in Newark NJ, and the building was actually gold plated!
George Krementz invented a new way to overlay gold when he saw a gun cartridge making machine at the Centinial Expo of 1876.  He captured the gold overlay button market for the world.
I just wish I could find a picture of the gold plated building!

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