Monday, September 10, 2012

Barbie and her mink trimmed clothing

In the 1960s, women wore fur.  It could be mink, muskrat, rabbit, fox, or whatever.  It was the day of the little black dress, cocktail parties, and fancy dress.  With Barbie, little girls could act out their fantasies about adult life.  Barbie could be dressed like mother, with an outfit for every occasion.  For very formal affairs, mink and other furs were fashionable.  Take  a look at this....
This is Barbie's Evening in Paris dress and stole.  It is white rabbit.
 This is called Enchanted Evening.  The fur stole is made of white rabbit.
This is Barbie in her Sears exclusive mink stole/capelet.  It was the most expensive piece of Barbie clothing ever made at the time.  It cost $10.  I've seen examples selling from 400-1000 dollars.

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