Monday, November 2, 2015

Very very rare Pink Panther record player phonograph from the 1960s

I remember as a child in the 1960s, moving to Michigan.  Beautiful state, really cold people.  I really hated living in Ann Arbor Michigan.  I enjoyed going to various museums like Henry Ford's.  When I toured Ford's, they had the first recording of Edison reciting "Mary had a little lamb".
The tulip festival was a lot of fun.  It was held every year at Holland Michigan.

My Mom bought me a Pink Panther phonograph one year.  It was a blown plastic head of the Pink Panther covering a record player that played 78, 45, 33, and 16 RPM records.

 The head seems to be spray painted using templates.  There have only been about to come up for sale in the past 10 years.  There are two different versions, one has a black nose and one has a red nose.

 This is the one I just bought.  He is a bit worn, and his wiring has been replaced.  It was originally white wires.
Coliet Toy was located at 320 Main St.ervlietMI 49098  The original building is still standing.
 Here is the manufacturing info on the original phonograph.

I am sure the company went out of business so soon after producing this is because it was not legally licensed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Not a dream, just sadness and reflection.

Daddy died last year.  A week after the 4th of July. We were semi-estranged.  I spoke to him on the phone a few times.  I sent him a cake for Father's Day/birthday and then I sent him postcards from Yellowstone.  I told him I loved him and wished he were there.

A week after I returned home, I got a message that he had died.  He was battling lung cancer and hadn't told me.  He went to bed feeling good and never woke up.  I still cry when I think about it.

We were not speaking for a long time because I transferred the title to a house I owned to him.  He gave the house to his step daughter to live in for 4 years rent free.  The mortgage was still in my name.  I remember he called me and said if I wanted to save the house I needed to pay 12k in 24 hours or the house is under foreclosure.  There were only 10 yrs left to the loan but I couldn't come up with the money in 24 hours.  If only I had a week, I could have.  I asked him why he didn't tell me, and he got angry with me and told me "I will cloud up and rain all over you if you keep asking me about it", and he blamed me for selling the house to him.  His wife was angry as well and accused me of selling the house illegally.  I have no idea where that comes from seeing as my original real estate agent helped me to transfer title to my Dad even though I had total responsibility for the loan.

We didn't speak for 15 years. I would have forgiven him if he just asked.  My Mom told me to call Daddy, and I did.  We talked a few times and I wrote him a few times.  Then he died.

We were always very close until he got so nasty over the house.  Daddy was always trying to make it rich.  He was a physicist and he always made good money.  But that wasn't what he wanted.  He wanted to be rich.  My Mom and Daddy divorced in the 80s.  Daddy married into the Goddi family.  Yes, the mafia family.  He married John Goddi's niece.  He worked for the Goddi family for a few years.  Not in a good way.

Recently I have been thinking of Daddy.  I truly mourn him. I am happy to know he received my postcards.  I am not accepted by his new family.  I guess I am an evil monster.  Oh well.

He would do pretty much anything for money.  He told me that on day we were having lunch together when I was 17.  He used to pick me up from school and take me to lunch for an hour or so.  I loved the time we spent together.  I was a real Daddy's girl.  We used to plot how to rob banks and the like.  I smile just thinking about it.

He started working for the Ministry of War in Saudi Arabia.  He worked all over the world, but he liked Saudi, almost as much as the African nations he worked in.  He preferred Africa over North America.    He always said after 6 months in Africa, all those white faces in the US was intimidating.
I like that.  I think I would love Africa.

While he was in Saudi Arabia, he had several people interested in purchasing me.  It was all over a pic of me he carried all the time.  I am very blond and almost Barbie shaped when young.  He totally refused to even consider when a couple of Saudi govt men got in a bidding war for me.  It started at
a half million.

Daddy always said he would not be responsible for an international incident, and he would never be able to return to the US.  He held dual citizenship.

This would have been a big haul for him. at least a million tax free dollars.   He wouldn't even entertain the notion.  I would have gone anywhere he asked.  I was very trusting.

My Daddy loved me after all!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Vogue Jill Doll and her friends Jan and Jeff

I bought a wonderful lot of Jill and friends off Ebay.  Here are the seller photos..
 I loved Jill dolls when I was a child.  I used to act out Twilight Zone episodes, dream quests, and (like my Barbies) they went down on the Titanic and Andrea Doria and the Hindenburg.
 I love dolls, they remind me of the excitement of childhood.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I bought a huge scarf lot , included Hermes!

I did a buy it now on a vintage scarf lot for $43.  55 scarves.  I asked the seller if he knew anything about the lady who owned.  He said she was from outside Washington DC in a very upscale neighborhood.  She had fabulous taste.  I have to agree!  There are so many beautiful scarves in the lot.  Most of them silk.  The Hermes is an early 60s ......
It is the one on the upper right.  The lady had all kinds of travel scarves, she must have had fun!
All of the scarves were in good condition, only having wrinkles from storage.  I love the pink and grey silk one on the bottom right.

 I love long scarves!  I wear them with my suit jackets.    I can't have enough of them!

 This is the Paris Bastille scarf, it is silk.    I love th primary colors!

There were 55 scarves in the lot, most of them silk.  I guess I paid 50 cents each.   What a wonderful bargain!  The seller was so nice.  When I opened the package, I just sat on the floor draping scarves over me! My husband was laughing at me.

A Pink Panther record player or phonograph. Very rare

When I was a child, I lived in Ann Arbor MI a few years.  It was outside Detroit.  Detroit was bad then, it is worse now.  On my 8th birthday, my Mom brought home a stack of Motown 45s, an entire year's production I think.  There were like 50 of them.  The Jackson 5 were in the mix.  She also brought me a Pink Panther record player.
Here is the top of one of them....

this one was being sold on eBay.  it was only the top portion.  The bottom contained the record player and was shaped like his lower jaw.  I bid on this one, but I got out bid.  Bummer.  One of the reasons I am so bummed out was that this one was being sold about 100 miles from where I sold it in Tennessee years ago.  I have only seen two other mentions of him on the internet.  I think this one was mine.   Here is what Worthpoint says about him....
Up for auction is this extremely rare old vintage Pink Panther record player which was made by the Coliet Toy Co in Watervliet Michigan. I have never seen one of these before and t is no information on the internet anyw about this record player existing. I have taken many photos for you to view and to study and to show that it is still in good condition but does show some scuffing on the painted parts. It is made out of a type of indestructable soft plastic. I have tested the record player, and it is working. If you are a serious collector of rare Pink Panther items, I'm betting that you do not have this item! Very unusual piece. 

Another reason I believe this one could have been mine is the black nose.  My Pink Panther had a black nose, the other person on Worthpoint (and the travel channel posting) have red noses.  I wonder how many the company made?  It went out of business many years ago.  You can Google Earth the original Watervliet store, it looks like it was in a major fire.
I am not overly sentimental, I don't know why I was so desperate to get this, or why I was so depressed to lose.
I think it must have something to do with my sadnesss over my Dad dying in July.  I'm having a hard time with it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My favorite childhood dolls

Perhaps not my favorites, but some of my favorites.  I had a homemade Raggedy Anne and Andy and a fabulously dressed black rag doll that was an inch larger.  He was Anne and Andy's rich Uncle Anthony.  I later found that he was a "Gollywog" doll from an English book series.  He was from England.
I have a suitcase full of outfits for them, mostly Victorian type clothes.  One day after I had the dolls, the Exorcist was on TV, and I started reading Gothic horror (I was 9 yrs old).  Anne became the go-to doll for devil worshippers to "sacrifice".  Andy and Uncle Anthony would go to her rescue and they would have all kinds of adventures.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Huge Barbie yard sale haul!!

The snow has finally melted and I was coming home from work very early in the morning two Saturdays ago. There was a yard sale being set up, and I stopped.  This is what I got, all for $120.

I love hair faire and mod Barbies.  The blonde and the brunette are gorgeous.  I've already put the blonde on a fully jointed body.  The next body I find will go to the brunette.
I also love bubblecuts.  She is nearly perfect with her earrings and pale pink lipstick!

 The prior owner had a thing for Ken.  There were half a dozen vintage Kens in the cases.  I love "emo" Kens!
 The mod Barbie on the very left is a sweet 16.  She is wearing a fur stole.  Hair Faire seems to  be complaining to brunette about Ken.
 Here are a few very early Kens.  The pin is a sterling USA pin with no engraving on the hanging plaque.  The Ken in the suit has all his fuzz on his head.  His pants have big holes in the thighs.  Homeless Ken?
The Ken in jammies is the first painted hair Ken.  He has all the extras that went with the pajama set including the clock and honey bun.

 The ponytail is a reproduction from the 90s.  The blonde on the end is a bubblecut with gold earrings and perfect face painting.  She has coral lipstick and nails.  They are being bothered by an early Ken in a shabby striped sweater.  Bubblecut is wearing a babydoll nightie.

 Here is duck hunter Ken.  I remember that he was also a retriever or lab owner. I doubt Mattel will ever put out hunting clothes for any of their Barbies!
   I have several of these outfits.  This one is missing the orange hat and a couple other things.

 Here is Twiggy with some gorgeous luggage.  There is the three piece set, but I forgot to pull out the
medium suitcase.  Twiggy was not a part of the lot.  I just wanted her picture with the luggage.  I love Twiggy.  I've had her since the 1980s.

 Here is one of the two cases.  This case is not in good condition.  There is a set of wigs and a few Barbie and Midge wig wearing heads without bodies.  There is a cute little dog, clothes and accessories.  Barbie's fishing set, nighties,straw hats, shoes etc were in the case..

 See how damaged the case is?
 This is the other case.  It is in pretty good condition.
 There are several gallon size plastic baggies filled with clothing.  There are labeled, nonlabeled, and homemade outfits.  Lots of accessories and hangers.

 There are a couple of Midges.
 I think she is gorgeous!  When I got her home, I realized she was wearing a wig!  Her hair has been totally sheared off!
 Her dress is gorgeous!  She is wearing a sexy lace teddi, bra, and panties.

 There were two Skippers, and a baby sister whose body wire no longer works.

 Here are Midge's wig collection.

 This is a reproduction doll.  Not worth anything, but she is pretty!  She is wearing two gold collars, one embroidered and one beaded.  I decided to name her Nadji after Chandu the Magician's Egyptian princess.
 Karen, the lady selling everything, sold me this doll for $10.  He is a Madame Alexander.
 Isn't he fabulous!  He even has little hooves.